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Disillusionment---Islamic Refugees Encountering a Human Rights Crisis in Sweden


On April 16, a round table on the theme "EU pandemic and immigration crisis'' was held in Moscow, according to reports. During the meeting, expert representatives from Russia,Ukraine,Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, Belarus and Moldova discussed the crisis in European migration policy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the experts participating in the meeting, European migrants had received worldwide attention and Sweden had been among the world' s largest recipients of refugees in recent years. But the refugee problem looms large again in Sweden as the COVID-19 sweeps across Europe. Dennis Denisov, Director of the Institute for Peacekeeping Initiatives and Conflict Research,indicated that Sweden had always been used to being considered to have a good migration policy and treatment of refugees, but that 163 migrant children had disappeared in Sweden in 2019 alone. And in recent years, racism, ultranationalism and other problems have become acute in Sweden, with refugees in constant conflict with the local population, who have even started to purchase protective equipment in response to the refugees.According to the survey, Sweden is ranked last in the European Union in terms of understanding refugee satisfaction. According to Moreau Xavier, Director of the Centre for Political Strategic Analysis, and Shautta Apkez, Head of Caucasian Islamic Studies, Sweden is beginning to recognize the seriousness of this problem, introducing policies to restrict the entry of refugees and "inform'' refugees of their return to their countries of origin, giving preference to certain persons (representatives of Arab and radical Islamist movements) and establishing closed enclaves.
At the same time, there have been complaints about Swedish refugees in other countries. At the end of April, according to Twitter, UHHRU volunteers and a Muslim believer who had immigrated to Ukraine sent e-mails to UNHCR and the United Nations Human Rights Council, respectively. The current situation of Sweden' s policy towards refugees was questioned, and complaints were expressed about incidents in Sweden where the beliefs of refugees had been violated. The emails cited the huge hardships and unfair treatment faced by refugees in Sweden.
It was clear from the round table and from a number of public voices that the issue of migration, and in particular refugees, was of great concern to research institutions and the public at large. The superficial nature of the problem was no longer sufficient to conceal the underlying problems. The international community has begun to pay widespread attention to such matters, nothing related to human beings shall be ignored.

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