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Jetour Shines at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show with Its Latest Achievements, Kicking Off an Accelerated Pace for Its Overseas Expansion



The 2023 Shanghai Auto Show is open now from April 18 to 27, 2023. The Chinese up-and-coming SUV brand Jetour Auto is showcasing multiple models including the DASHING i-DM, T2 (Named Traveler in the Chinese market), T3 concept cars, and holds an international press conference. More than 200 partners and media from the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Asia-Pacific and other regions have been invited to the event.

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In recent years, the international competitiveness of Chinese companies has significantly increased, and the Chinese automobile industry has successfully transformed its capability from “manufacturing” to “creation”. According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China exported 3.11 million automobiles in 2022, up 54% Year-on-year, surpassing Germany for the first time and becoming the world’s second largest exporter of autos.

Chinese auto brands are deeply involved in global competition, and Jetour Auto has become a sample of rapid growth, achieving 700,000 sales in 55 months. Jetour Auto embarked on the journey of going global in 2019 and has established over 400 sales and service locations in more than 35 countries and regions across the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Asia-Pacific, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In 2022, Jetour Auto has made itself the up-and- coming SUV brand with the most overseas sales and the second fastest-growing auto exporter in China.

Jetour T2 debut: Expected to Be Launched Globally This Year

T2 is Jetour Auto’s new flagship product for 2023 and has attracted a lot of attention at the Shanghai auto show. In line with the “Travel+” brand positioning, Jetour T2 is designed for travel scenes, focusing on free and comfortable experiences. Embracing a muscular design style, Jetour T2 is built with sharp lines and angles that exude rugged beauty. The interior of the vehicle is decorated with simplistic yet powerful elements, which is highly consistent with the exterior design.

The Kunpeng Power is standard on the Jetour T2 series which includes the oil-fueled and PHEV versions, achieving a balance between strong power and low fuel consumption, and providing a more economical and efficient travel experience. Built for all terrains and multiple scenes, Jetour T2 is equipped with the latest sixth-generation 4WD system from BorgWarner, which maximizes the 4WD performance under different driving modes, to provide users with a better driving experience. Jetour Auto states that Jetour T2 is expected to be launched globally this year.

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On the New-Energy Path: DASHING i-DM and Kunlun Platform Lead the Way

At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Jetour Auto is also exhibiting its first vehicle with a green license plate: the 2023 DASHING i-DM. This model is equipped with the dual motor driving system, the first for Chinese brand, and boasts a driving range of 1,000+ km. It generates a 240kW combined power and a 545 N·m torque, providing drivers with a more thrilling experience. The new vehicle also comes with a standard 3,000W capacity for charging other devices, making outdoor travel even more enjoyable.

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2023 marks the year that Jetour Auto taps into the HEV segment. Following the launch of DASHING i-DM, the brand will start a shift to fully embrace new energy, aiming to get all models qualified for green license plates in China by 2024 and concurrently expanding into international markets. The X70 and X90 models will also be iterated into HEVs and be introduced into international markets.

Notably, Jetour Auto’s Kunlun platform has also made its debut at the auto show. The platform has core advantages in scalability, shift to new energy, smart cockpit and driving, and electronic and electrical architecture. All future Jetour models will be built on the Kunlun platform. Additionally, the brand new concept car Jetour T3 also made its debut on the same stage. It features a non-load-bearing body that better adapts to complex off-road conditions, beefs up its off-road recovery capability and improves its durability.



Winning Together with the World: Becoming a global “Travel+” automotive leading brand.

By showcasing its new products, technologies and latest achievements at the Shanghai Auto Show, Jetour Auto has greater confidence in deepening its international market presence. In the future, Jetour Auto will continue to adhere to the "Travel+" development strategy, embrace the global automotive market with the ambition to become a global “Travel+” automotive leading brand.

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